Frequently Asked Questions at the start


Can everybody practice karate? In karate strength is not important, but controling distance the more. Several women train in our club and enjoy the practice. We create a clear environment where the excercises are prepared, therefore accidents and injuries are very rare.


What is common garment? Traditional we take on the white "Gi", also named the kimono in common language. Ladies can wear below a white T-shirt. Otherwise there are no other garments or jewelry allowed. It is important for us that there is no distinction between the members and that we all train together. For the first trainings you can wear some sportive clothing.


Is everybody welcome? Of course, providing you are 14 years old and you can understand the dutch lanuage or the japanese terminologie. Karate is in essence a fighting sport, and we expect that you understand the organisation of the training. Of course we expect you also to agree whit our regulations. U can always learn more about them on our website.


What is the price? The first 3 trainingsessions are free. Afterwards you pay pro rata an amount for the rest of the season. The insurace is not divideable and for the complete year. Our prices are also consultable on our website. Should you by any chance stop with training in the club, then we refund you for the rest of the season.


What if I still have questions? The full organisation of the training is with the sensei in front. Because the terminologie is in Japanese, and you are just learning the techniques it is indeed not so easy, but since we have a very good follow-up, we are sure that you will apprehend it quite easy.


Do I have to be present each training ? No, but we think that one training each week is important to apprehend the sport. Whe ask you in each case to be on time at the training. It is a prove of your motivation and respectfull towards your teacher so he can organise the training in advance.


Why is karateclub Shuhari "somewhat different"? We are totally not interested in a macho mentality. We stand for a true karate-experience where you are not in the center, but where the methode is a way to have insight in your own functioning. Physical and menthally.


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